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SALE ENDS Friday, February 28, 2020

You can get FREE SHIPPING up to $650.00 on select stove models, for orders placed during this sale, if you accept delivery before May 1, 2020. When you accept delivery in the off-season, it helps us to free up manufacturing space, buy more raw materials, and keep all of our American stove builders building more stoves.

We have a extra inventory of the stoves that qualify for our FREE SHIPPING offer, qualifying stoves include the Ideal Steel Hybrid Wood Stove, Keystone Wood Stove, Absolute Steel Hybrid Wood Stove (Rustic, Wildwood, Great Plain, and Simple Praire styles), Survival Hybrid Wood Stove, and the Fireside Franklin Gas Stove.  Order any one of these high-efficiency stoves and you will qualify for $650.00 in free shipping to any business with a loading dock or forklift, or to one of the hundreds of terminal locations across the country. Planning a visit to pick up your stove at our West Lebanon, NH factory? The same stoves that qualify for free shipping, receive a $200.00 factory pick up discount in lieu of free shipping!

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Grand Prize Winner of the 2013 International Wood Stove Design Challenge, The Ideal Steel Hybrid Wood Stove has a record 82% EPA tested efficiency and average emissions of 1.04 gm/hr. It will easily burn 12-14 hours, and will heat large areas comfortably. It’s high efficiency means that it will produce up to 131,000 more BTUs per day than a standard non-catalytic stove, making it one of the best wood stoves on the market.

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The Keystone's thick walls of soapstone ensure that large amounts of heat are stored and radiated steadily, even long after the fire has died down. From the beginning of the burn cycle to the end, heat output remains constant - not too warm nor too cold. With a generous firebox, it is rated to heat up to 1300 sqft. and will burn 8 to 10 hours on a single load of wood, producing up to 45,000 BTUs/hr.



Wildwood Silo

The Absolute Steel Hybrid Wood Stove is an affordable medium sized wood stove (2.45 cubic foot firebox) with a hybrid combustion system that produces ultra-low emissions, high efficiency, and unmatched fire viewing pleasure through a large, clean front window. Choose from our Great Plain, Simple Prairie, Wildwood, and Rustic Designs during the Mid-Winter Sale.


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This little powerhouse is perfect for heating small spaces up to 1,000 sq.ft., has an output of 27,294 BTU's/hr, an efficiency rating of 79.4%, and emissions of 1.05 gm/hr! These combined efficiency and emissions results makes the Survival Hybrid Wood Stove the ideal wood stove for smaller spaces. Body Color: Charcoal & Choose from our Orchard, Lodge, and Navajo Artwork.


Fireside Franklin GasEven though the Fireside Franklin burns gas instead of wood, the flames and radiant heat are real. The coals glow, the flames flicker and dance, and the stove actually heats just like a woodstove. And all this ambiance and warmth comes at the flick of a switch – with no chopping, splitting, or loading of wood. 


Mid Winter Stove Sale

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