The Keystone Soapstone

Wood Stove

  • Large viewing window
  • Choice of top or rear venting
  • Built in ash pan is convenient and neat
  • Easily burn 8-10 hours or more, produces up to 45,000 BTU’s hour
  • Comfortably heat up to 1,300 sq. ft.
  • Unique “Airwash” keeps front ceramic glass clean & clear
  • Detailed ornamental iron castings available in five standard colors- Matte Black, Charcoal, Metallic Gray, Metallic Blue and Metallic Brown
  • Factory Direct Prices
  • Six-Month Risk Free Trial
Keystone black installrgb

Keystone Brown dog

"It makes for relaxing evenings."
"We've enjoyed our Keystone wood stove for nearly three years. We've used it for special times; during Oklahoma's cold, windy winters; and even cooked on it when the need arose. It heats our 1800 square foot home beautifully. We love to turn out the lights and sit in front of the fire. It makes for relaxing evenings - and our grandchildren love it, too."

- Ben & Karen Robbins, Wynnewood, OK

"...I have been dreaming of this stove for 6 years. "
I have kept your catalog and have been dreaming of this stove for 6 years. I’m glad I waited and didn’t ‘settle’ for something else. I could not be happier!! I love it!! Love it!! Love it!! And the tool that comes with it is genius- I use it for everything.

Everything was great! I don’t know if you could do anything better. Don’t mess with perfection!!

- Jo Ann Higgason, Fountain Inn, SC

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 Dimensions (HxWxD: 28"x25"x20")  Firebox Size: 13"x11"x18"
 Weight:440 lbs  Area Heated: 800-1,300 sq. ft.
 Flue Exit: Top or Rear  Heat Output (EPA Test Method): 8,500-35,000 BTU/hr
 Flue Height (center of rear outlet): 22.75"  Maximum Heat Output: 45,000 BTU/hr
 Wood Length: 16"   Flue Size: 7" (approved for 7"- 6" reduction)
 Draft Control: Manual  Burn Time: 8-10 hrs.
 Wood Loading: Right Side (facing the stove)  EPA Efficiency: 72%
 Steel Catalytic Combustor: Standard  EPA Emissions: 1.9 gm/hr
 Back Clearance: 30" EPA Certified: YES
 Back Clearance w/ Heat Shield: 14.5"  Side Clearance: 18"
Moblie Home Approved: YES   Corner Clearance w/Heat Shield: 12"

Fireplace Romance PLUS Clean-Burning Efficiency
Settle down in front of the perfect fireplace alternative.  The Keystone has the largest unobstructed view of the fire of any of the Woodstock Soapstone Woodstoves.  And, the window is kept clean by double insulated glass and an airwash.  You get the maximum heat output for each pound of wood you burn, and a pleasantly large and clear view of the fire.  Your home will always be warm and comfortable.

The Unique Heating Comfort of Soapstone... Naturally
The Keystone's thick walls of soapstone ensure that large amounts of heat are stored and radiated steadily, even long after the fire has died down.  From the beginning of the burn cycle to the end, heat output remains constant - not too warm nor too cold.  With a generous firebox, it will burn 8 to 10 hours on a single load of wood, producing up to 45,000 BTUs/hr.  An internal catalytic combustor boosts heat output, reduces fuel consumption, and virtually eliminates pollution.  The Keystone has an EPA emissions rating of 1.9 grams/hour - your guarantee of clean-burning efficiency.

No Other Wood Stove Will Ever Exactly Duplicate It
Each wood stove is built with skill, patience, and attention to detail by an individual craftsman.  Like fine wood, each piece of soapstone has unique grain and coloration.  With an eye for natural harmony, the stovemaker selects panels of stone with complementary grain and color for each stove.  The marbling in the stone ensures that each stove is unique and will never have an exact replica.

The Keystone and Palladian can be vented from the top or rear, so they are easy to install in front of a fireplace or freestanding.  They have interchangeable flue collars and cooktops (soapstone on the Keystone), which are perfect for long simmering.