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The Cottage Soapstone
Gas Stove

The Cottage Gas Heater
Perfectly Suited for Smaller Homes
Choice of Fuels - Use LP or Natural Gas
No Power Required-Protect Against Power Outages!
Radiant Warmth - Sit in Front and It Feels
Just Like a Wood  Stove
Installs Almost Anywhere-Easily Vents Through Your Wall or Roof
Small “Footprint” - Fits Almost Anywhere
Instant Heat - At the Flick of a Switch
Area Heated- Up to 1,200 square feet
Max. Heat Output- 22,000 btu’s
Optional Remote Control
Natural Soapstone to Provide the Beautiful
Look and the Steady Even Warmth

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Cottage Franklin Gas Stove
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Cottage 2x2

The Cottage Gas Stove

The Cottage is the most beautiful gas stove we know of. It provides unsurpassed efficiency and a fire that looks and feels so warm and natural you and your visitors will swear you’re sitting in front of an actual wood fire.

Whether as a primary heat source, as an add-on to your other heat source, or as a back up in case of power outages or fuel shortages, you will love the Cottage stove. Gas stoves have become very popular with so many people who love the look and feel of a wood fire but without the work. Nowhere else can you find another gas stove with the classic design and the beauty of the Cottage Gas stove.

We've heard from customers who have installed their stoves in guest rooms, master bedrooms, halls, living rooms, dens, rec-rooms, home offices, cottages, camps, and manufactured homes. Heat a smaller area or up to 1200 square feet! From Maine to California, Florida to Minnesota, whether to tackle the coldest nights of winter or the chill of a spring or fall evening, now you can enjoy soul-satisfying soapstone warmth at the flick of a switch.

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Dimensions (HxWxD): ..........30” x 24.75” x 21.25”
Weight: 290 lbs. Fuel: LPG or NG
Flue Exit: Rear Flue Size: 6 5/8” Flue Height (center): ........23 3/4”
Area heated: ...............................800-1,200 sq. ft. Mobile Home Approved
Efficiency(Steady State): …......…….77% Efficiency (AFUE): ……76%
Remote Control...….…...optional Controls: On/Off/Adj Output on Stove
Clearances: Front 30”, Rear 11”, Sides 8”, Corner 4.5”
Mobile Home Approved
Safety tested to UL Standards & ANSI 21.88b-1999  Min–Max Heat Inputs:
NG: 18,691 - 22,552 BTUs /hr.
LPG: 18,297 - 21,988 BTUs /hr.